Episode 7 – 1996

Strange Currencies Podcast

In this installment of the Strange Currencies Podcast, Matt and Glenn take a trip back to the year 1996. Join them as they discuss old favorites, past regrets, and new discoveries. Then take a listen to their “1996 Mixtape,” found below the podcast link, and leave some comments on whose “side” of the tape you prefer (Glenn picked tracks 1-10, and Matt claimed songs 11-20).

Check out the podcast below:

APPLE MUSIC Playlist (SIDE A – Glenn)

APPLE MUSIC Playlist (SIDE B – Matt)

3 thoughts on “Episode 7 – 1996

  1. Growing up as a teenager in north Florida meant that Outkast was a central part of my soundscape. While this album is absolutely classic, their first one, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, is also an amazing period piece that captures the atmosphere of the “Dirty South” at that time!

  2. I wish I could have been on this episode. I have never seen DMB in concert, which makes me rather different from you two…

  3. …Rage Against the Machine’s first record may have had some juvenile parts (and gotten popular among people who weren’t listening), but it was groundbreaking and no one who set out to ape them ever came close! Sadly, so much time passed between the first and second albums, and so many fakers who were not listening had climbed aboard the train (as Matt alluded to), that I was prepared to steer clear of Evil Empire. However, that record does have some good songs that still hold up well.

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