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Beatles Month Theme Month Introduction

In today’s post to the Strange Currencies Blog, I laid out a new vision for the website – essentially, rebranding Strange Currencies as a resource for music nerds, made by music nerds. Too often, nerdiness is equated with snobbery. We here at Strange Currencies recognize that nerd-dom takes on many different forms in the music world: from overanalyzing the appeal of ubiquitous chart hits, to deep dives into private press bins hidden in neglected corners of dusty record shops. Though both are borne of a similar passion, nerd-dom celebrates while snobbery judges. There are times in which we find ourselves struggling to avoid the latter, but at our best, we strive to aim for the former.

It’s in that spirit that Strange Currencies Music introduces its first “theme month,” by celebrating the most universally-beloved pop group of all-time. The Beatles need no introduction, and surely none that we could offer would prove better than what you could find in a thousand other places. Instead, over the next four weeks, Strange Currencies will examine the Liverpool quartet from a number of different angles: recalling our initial exposure to the group; assessing their impact through the work of lesser-known artists; revisiting misunderstood corners of their discography; and – in our first collaborative staff effort – highlighting our 100 favorite Beatles tracks.

The Beatles are the perfect subject with which to inaugurate the second phase of Strange Currencies. Each of the contributors to this month’s features has a deep reverence for the band, but we all have very different stories about how we grew to love them, hold divided opinions on which parts of their catalog are overrated/underrated, and have unique ways in which The Beatles have influenced our music fandom. Join us throughout the month of May, as Strange Currencies takes a deep dive into our own brand of Beatlemania.

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