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Our flagship podcast series, the Strange Currencies Podcast, premiered in January 2021, with Matt Ryan and Glenn Krake hosting a sorta-weekly discussion on a variety of musical topics. The twenty-episode inaugural season included guest spots from Strange Currencies contributors Remy Gottschling, Matt McReynolds, Bert, and Tim Ryan Nelson. At the end of the first season, Tim was made a permanent co-host for the series, which returned for a second season in January 2022.

Find links to all thirty-five episodes of the podcast — to date — below:

Episode 1.1: Nuggets

Matt and Glenn discuss the classic 1972 compilation Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era in the inaugural episode of the Strange Currencies Podcast.

Episode 1.2: Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Albums (Pt. 1)

Matt and Glenn dive into the top ten records from Rolling Stone‘s recently revised list of the top 500 albums of all-time.

Episode 1.3: Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Albums (Pt. 2)

Matt and Glenn have a spirited discussion about the top five records from Rolling Stone‘s recently revised list of the top 500 albums of all-time.

Episode 1.4: The British Invasion (Pt. 1)

Matt and Glenn discuss the British Invasion — more specifically, who is the runner-up to “you know who.” They debate the cases of five different contenders.

Episode 1.5: The Best Music of 2020

Matt and Glenn celebrate their favorite music from 2020, and hand out some hardware.

Episode 1.6: The British Invasion (Pt. 2)

A special guest joins Matt and Glenn as they share their verdict on who they believe was the second best act of the British Invasion.

Episode 1.7: 1996

Matt and Glenn take a trip back to 1996. Join them as they discuss old favorites, past regrets, and new discoveries. Then take a listen to their “1996 Mixtape,” found on Spotify.

Episode 1.8: Replacing ‘Rumors’

It’s no secret that some of us do not love Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 behemoth, Rumors. In this episode, Matt and Glenn are joined by a special guest to recommend “alternate” album picks for those who can’t get enough of Rumors.

Episode 1.9: Portland Record Store Crawl 2021

Matt and Glenn are joined by a special guest as they reflect on their recent Record Store Crawl. Join as they discuss what makes a great record store, and rank the best shops in Portland.

Episode 1.10: Shuffling the Beatles

Matt and Glenn celebrate Strange Currencies‘ “Beatles Month” with a special guest. Join as they shuffle through the Fab Four’s catalog, discussing the various phases of The Beatles’ career.

Episode 1.11: Replacing ‘The Doors’

Matt, Glenn, and a special guest discuss four records that could serve as suitable replacements for The Doors’ self-titled 1967 debut. Join as they share their thoughts on Jim Morrison, rock poetry, and albums that may scratch the same itch as The Doors.

Episode 1.12: Defining ‘Kitsch’

Matt and Glenn discuss the concept of musical kitsch. Join as they talk about exotica, space-age pop, lounge, and western music, and share some favorite songs and artists from each genre.

Episode 1.13: Maintaining a Collection

Matt, Glenn, and Strange Currencies contributor Bert engage in conversations about record collecting, organization, and the ethics/value of music streaming services.

Episode 1.14: Replacing ‘A Night at the Opera’

Matt, Glenn, and a special guest discuss Queen’s 1975 opus, A Night at the Opera. In addition to considering its place in the rock canon, they consider other albums that may be equally (or more) worthy of your attention.

Episode 1.15: Deep Dive – ‘Feel Flows’

Matt, Glenn, and a special guest discuss the recently-released Beach Boys box set, Feel Flows. They discuss the two albums pulled from these sessions, unbox both vinyl editions of the new package, and give first impressions of the archival material.

Episode 1.16: Jazz 101

New to jazz? We’ve got you covered. Explore five classic albums from the “Jazz 101” curriculum with Matt and Glenn.

Episode 1.17: Shuffling the 90s

Matt and Glenn celebrate “90s Month” by shuffling through Spotify’s “90s Road Trip” playlist. See what they think about some of the decade’s biggest hits.

Episode 1.18: The Beach Boys Cruise

Matt, Glenn, and a special guest (it’s Tim) discuss some of the more bizarre aspects of the extremely ill-advised “Beach Boys” (quotation marks intentional) “Good Vibrations Cruise” — setting sail (in the middle of a global pandemic) next spring.

Episode 1.19: Deep Dive – ‘KID A MNESIA’

Matt and Glenn examine Radiohead’s new archival release, KID A MNESIA. They discuss the two classic albums that it collects, and the third disc of previously unreleased material. Other topics include beer, sponsorship, and music criticism.

Episode 1.20: Replacing ‘Hotel California’

The Season 1 finale finds Tim becoming a full-time co-host, Glenn spilling a beer, the ongoing campaign to free The Surfrajettes, and Glenn’s highly-divisive “Hey Oh!” sign off. Oh, and the guys also discuss Hotel California, which they fucking hate.

Episode 2.1: Get Back

In the super-sized Season 2 premiere, Matt, Glenn, and Tim are joined by a special guest as they discuss Peter Jackson’s expansive new Beatles documentary, Get Back.

Episode 2.2: The Beach Boys’ Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction

In what is, easily, the most “interstescene” episode to date, the gang discuss The Beach Boys’ 1988 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and the very different speeches given by the band’s co-founders: Brian Wilson and “Brian Wilson’s cousin.”

Episode 2.3: 2021 and the Current State of Music

2021 left the guys feeling rather underwhelmed by new releases. In this episode, they discuss albums that caught their ear, the current state of the music industry, and a recent article in The Atlantic that ponders the question: “Is ‘old’ music killing ‘new’ music?”

Episode 2.4: 2022 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

Matt, Glenn, and Tim discuss the merits of this year’s nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, whittling the list down to the five artists they would induct into the Class of 2022.

Episode 2.5: Runt of the Litter, “WTF” Albums

The crew inaugurates a new series, “Runt of the Litter,” focusing on neglected albums from respected artists. This installment finds the hosts tackling a particularly fascinating phenomenon: mid-career albums that beg the question, “what the fuck?”

Episode 2.6: Replacing Eric Clapton

Matt, Glenn, and Tim ask the essential question: Do we really need Eric Clapton? SPOILER ALERT: The answer is “no,” and the three hosts discuss other artists who could take Clapton’s place in the pantheon of great rock guitarists.

Episode 2.7: Runt of the Litter, Pixies Reunion

In the second ‘Runt of the Litter’ installment, the guys discuss the divisive Pixies reunion albums: Indie Cindy, Head Carrier, and Beneath the Eyrie. Additional topics include opening day baseball, “Transylvania Twist,” and lying to Robert Pollard.

Episode 2.8: Deep Dive – Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal

Matt, Glenn, and Tim discuss the new Pavement reissue release, Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal. Additional topics include Fruit Gushers, California Gold Rush-themed strip clubs, and the first episode of a new set-piece, “Taft Talk.”

Episode 2.9: 1997

The hosts mark the 25th anniversary of Matt’s graduation from high school by discussing the music of the year 1997. Additional topics include fedoras, the general malaise of late spring, and the difference between The Verve and The Verve Pipe.

Episode 2.10: Revisiting Pearl Jam

The guys revisit the first five albums from one of the 90s biggest bands: Pearl Jam. Additional topics include Tim’s recent near-death experience, the complicated politics of wearing shorts at work, and turn-of-the-century psychology.

Episode 2.11: Replacing ‘Led Zeppelin IV’

Led Zeppelin’s fourth album is a beast, but you’ve probably heard it plenty of times. The guys recommend three albums that might scratch the same itch. Other topics include sham sponsorships, Abba-Zaba candy bars, and rooster sampling.

Episode 2.12: Divisive “WTF” Albums

Three iconic artists adapt to a changing musical landscape with divisive albums that left fans scratching their heads. Other topics include an inventive compilation from the Numero Group, Choco Taco, and our continuing campaign to free The Surfrajettes.

Episode 2.13: 90s One-Hit Wonders

The gang discuss three nineties-era one-hit wonders who actually had surprising depth beyond their big hits. Other topics include baseball, Twitter feuds, and how one person (Glenn) can possibly be so wrong about so many different things.

Episode 2.14: Seattle Record Store Crawl

Matt, Glenn, and Tim discuss their recent trip to Seattle for a nine-stop record crawl. Other topics include tote bags, antique campaign buttons, and a special request for Bob Nastanovich.

Episode 2.15: St. Louis Record Store Crawl

Matt and Glenn (minus Tim) discuss their recent record store crawl through St. Louis. Other topics include BBQ, Dante’s Inferno, and the untimely demise of Tim.

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