Welcome to Garage Rock Summer

Garage Rock Summer Theme Month Introduction

If you’re a regular follower of Strange Currencies, you know that we’ve been experimenting with the idea of “theme months” for a little over a year now. These month-long excursions have given our staff – and hopefully a few of you – an opportunity to collectively dive into favorite artists, eras, labels, and topics, all during a time in which the enjoyment of music has continued to drift away from a communal exercise.

This summer, Strange Currencies will expand this idea into our first “theme season.” Throughout June, July, and August, our writers will undertake a thorough exploration of the garage rock genre – particularly that which emerged in the months and years following the British Invasion. While much of our efforts will focus on American music of the sixties – as documented through essential genre compilation series such as Nuggets, Pebbles, and Back From the Grave – we will also expand our vision to include contemporaneous works of “garage-inspired” artists from around the globe, and the continued impact of garage rock on subsequent generations of D.I.Y.-minded musicians.

Join Strange Currencies all summer, as we explore the rich musical heritage of the American underground, and celebrate the countless bands and artists who refused to let their humble surroundings compromise their creative ambitions. Enjoy!

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