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90s Month Theme Month Introduction

Okay, so Girl Group Month didn’t exactly generate the abundance of new content that we had hoped for – not entirely surprising, given that it coincided with the return to school that manages to complicate life for the (mostly) teachers and college students that contribute to Strange Currencies. We’ll definitely return to the topic again in the future, but a new month means that it’s time to turn the page.

Throughout the month of October, Strange Currencies will be celebrating the music of the 1990s. For the so-called “Xennials” that make up the majority of contributors to this site, this month’s theme is the furthest that we’ve ventured yet into the realm of nostalgia. Whether driven by recent “round number” celebrations of classic albums from our youth, or the perspective added by our younger counterparts, many of the features planned for this month take a viewpoint that is more about reflection than discovery. With that said, the arrival of those anniversary reissues offers further confirmation that the music of the 90s has reached a point in which it seems possible to consider its place in the alleged pop “canon” (for better or worse).

Join Strange Currencies all month as we examine old favorites, dedicate “new” classics, and reflect on one of the most vibrant and varied eras in the history of popular music.

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