Introducing “Talkin’ Down the Highway: A Beach Boys Podcast”

Strange Currencies Podcast Talkin' Down the Highway

Hey, all our billion-plus listeners, the podcast is back! Kind of… Join Matt, Glenn, and Tim as they explore the profound weirdness that is The Beach Boys in their brand new venture, Talkin’ Down the Highway: A Beach Boys Podcast.

It now seems so obvious that the podcast gang should direct its myriad talents toward “America’s Band,” especially given the widespread acclaim for our episodes on The Beach Boys Cruise and Mike Love’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tirade. Well, Mike, you thought you got rid of us? Think again, bastard…

Anyway, there’s a teaser out there on YouTube and Spotify (find it below), and the first episode of Talkin’ will drop this coming Friday (September 15th). In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube or Spotify channel, and follow our new podcast Instagram account: @talkinbeachboys. The fun begins on Friday. See you then!

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