Episode 5 – The Best Music of 2020

Strange Currencies Podcast

In this episode of the Strange Currencies Podcast, Matt and Glenn celebrate their favorite music from 2020 and hand out some hardware. Reference the table below for a preview of the honors that they are awarding in the first ever Strange Currencies year-end extravaganza:

Best Album from a Genre That I Don’t Typically Enjoy (8:10)
Best Album Recommended to Me by My Kids (14:45)
Sentimental Favorite (26:28)
Song of the Year (36:15)
Eventual Grower (40:20)
Best Reissue/Archival Release (52:18)
“Sound and Vision” Awards (55:33)
Captured the Spirit of 2020 (1:00:30)
“Heroes and Villains” Awards (1:07:38)
Album of the Year (1:12:44)

Check out the podcast below:

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