Episode 20 – Replacing ‘Hotel California’

Strange Currencies Podcast

In the Season 1 finale of the Strange Currencies Podcast, Matt, Glenn, and Tim discuss the Eagles’ 1976 millions-selling album Hotel California. SPOILER ALERT: They’re not fans. They’ll discuss albums that might scratch the same itch, but are, well… better. Other topics of conversation include beer (one of which Glenn spills), their ongoing campaign to free The Surfragettes, and Glenn’s highly-divisive “Hey-Oh!” sign-off.

Check out the podcast below:


  • Matt Ryan

    Matt Ryan founded Strange Currencies Music in January 2020, and remains the site's editor-in-chief. The creator of the "A Century of Song" project and co-host of the "Strange Currencies Podcast," Matt enjoys a wide variety of genres, but has a particular affinity for 60s pop, 90s indie rock, and post-bop jazz. He is an avid collector of vinyl, and a multi-instrumentalist who has played/recorded with several different bands and projects.

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